Pushing to multiple hg repositories

Pushing to multiple Mercurial repositories is just a matter of adding a line (or two, or three, etc.) to a local repository’s .hg/hgrc.

Just recently created a private repo up on Bitbucket to facilitate collaboration with one of our global development teams.

Configuring your local copy of a repo to allow pushing to multiple remote repositories is pretty simple: all you have to do is add a definition in .hg/hgrc under [paths], this:

default = http://sourcecontrol.example.com/hgweb/newproject
bitbucket = https://mybituser@bitbucket.org/bigcorpdev/newproject

Push to the “default” remote repo with a simple:

hg push

To select Bitbucket instead you’d do this:

hg push bitbucket

That’s all there is to it!

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