Upgrading to Fedora 19

Upgraded my workstation at home from Fedora 17 to Fedora 19 in 4 hours. The result was monumentally successful.

Not that there weren’t a few things that needed tweaking after rebooting, there were. But all in all it was probably the smoothest upgrade I’ve ever done on any operating system on any platform. Ever.

All I had to do was use yum to install the fedup utility and then run it with the syntax:

fedup --verbose --network 19

In essence what fedup does is a more controlled version of a “yum upgrade”. It starts by checking dependencies and downloading the necessary packages from the new version repositories that correspond to what is configured in /etc/yum.repos.d. Then it installs the new packages and cleans up after itself.

I noted very few errors or warnings during the process, other than notification that the new versions of various .conf files were being saved as .conf.rpmnew, following the usual Red Hat convention. The only other thing I really remember distinctly is wondering why there were so many packages related to erlang, and how I’d allowed myself to be fooled into installing them on Fedora 17 to beging with (actually it was in order to test the erlang-based ejabberd).

One particulatly annoying issue that I didn’t notice right away was the upgrade’s swapping out my existing iptables configuration for the new firewalld. Once I’d received some complaints from downstairs about not being able to reach the server I shut down and disabled firewalld and re-enabled iptables.

I subsequently upgraded the retread HTPC downstairs and ran afoul of a known incompatibility between the latest kernels and AMD’s proprietary graphics drivers, the latter being needed for the HDMI connection with the TV. As a result I had to roll back the upgrade (well, actually rebuild the machine with Fedora 17 — there is no rollback option). Hopefully the new HTPC I’ll be building next week won’t have this issue (I’ll be using the onboard Intel HD2500 graphics instead of an add-on card).

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