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Been using Startpage for most of my searches going on a month now. Here are some brief notes.

I’m not going to try and convince anyone to switch from Google, Bing or whatever other favorite search engine they’ve got to Startpage. These notes are mostly for my own convenience.

From the Startpage support pages:

How can I perform startpage searches directly from the Firefox URL address bar?

Easy. Go to about:config, right click in the center of the preferences listing and select “New… String”. Preference name will be “keyword.URL”, the data will be as follows:

When adding Startpage to the drop down list of search engines (Manage Search Engines… Get More Search Engines), be sure to select “Startpage (SSL)”. Half the benefit of using Startpage is in making sure your searches are encrypted by default.

Here’s the direct link to the search engine add-ons list.

Also, don’t neglect to add Ixquick HTTPS as a secondary search engine for non-Google sources.

I usually delete Ebay and Twitter from my list, and move Startpage and Ixquick to the top of the list (followed close on by Duck Duck Go).

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