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The great experiment with ownCloud as an alternative to Google continues. This weekend past I signed up with portknox.net to advance things a bit. So far so good.

The portknox.net service is run by a small operator in Germany and only costs €29 per year for 7G of storage. In general I’m a big supporter of small business, even those outside my own country. That comes both from owning my own businesses in years gone by and having experienced what being a customer was like before the big mega corps moved in and turned us all into commodoties (I also have worked in management and non-management roles for some of those big companies — and there’s no comparison to running your own shop).

Because portknox uses ownCloud I was already familiar with the interface and how to import my stuff, primary calendars and contacts, into the new service. Same went for getting the ownCloud and CalDAV apps configured for it on my Android phone (in the end I just deleted the existing account for the free owndrive service and created new entries for portknox).

So far I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve got a healthy amount of file space to store files that need to be portable and a solid shared calendar to keep me on time for appointments.

Let the full immersion testing continue!

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