Amazon Instant Video and Hulu on Fedora 19

A working procedure here for playing Amazon Instant Video and Hulu on Fedora 19.

In a previous post on this subject for Fedora 17 I laid out what was needed at that time.

The requirements have not changed much: (a) latest Firefox; (b) latest flash-plugin; and (c) the now deprecated hal libraries.

The “fakehal” rpms cited in the above Thinking Concurrently blog post have replaced the old Fedora 15 packages that I’d used on Fedora 17. I’ve also taken to using Adobe’s repo for the Linux flash-plugin rpm package.

So currently I have:

Fedora 24 (from Fedora 19 base repository)
flash-plugin (

A couple of important notes: after updating your software be sure to delete the .adobe directory before trying to access Amazon videos or Hulu. Also make sure that all firefox processes are dead, otherwise the plugin update won’t take. It is possible you may have to blow away your Firefox profile (.mozilla/firefox) to force the new configuration (and software updates) to be recognized.

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