The Rise of Pseudo-Intelligence

“Counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor”

A choice quote from one of the latest documents leaked from the NSA.

Raising the question, “How much did we pay for this muffler?”

An amusing, as always, take on this from El Reg, entitled New NSA leak reveals invasion of the management consultants: Spookhaus documents infested with the very worst corporate-speak imaginable.

From the lede:

Crack teams of Microsoft marketing droids, sleeper cells of incognito TEDx speakers and the greatest sociologists ever to torture a syntax into confessing to crimes of postmodernism have all been recruited to take the battle back to the spooks by befuddling them with the worst excesses of corporate language-mangling.

The strategy appears simple: by making it impossible for anyone in the NSA to understand what they were being told, the agency wouldn’t be able to wreak too much havoc on the IT sector.

I’ll spare everyone reading this any further histrionics. It should be abundantly clear to everyone now that the billions spent by the U.S. on “cyber defense” have been almost entirely wasted. What the world needs is a well-funded, independent, non-governmental, agency tasked with developing serious means of securing the privacy of personal and business transactions on the Internet. The problem with the current state of affairs isn’t just that you can’t trust governments to do the right thing, it is that even if they had the will to do so they are institutionally incapable of it.

Why suddenly the long, sad history of the Merovingian dynasty comes to mind, I have no idea.

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