Renaming your wordpress admin

Among other things, the latest advice on hardening WordPress recommends renaming the default admin account to something — anything — other than “admin”. Simple instructions below.

To change the admin’s login name:

update wp_users SET user_login = 'webmgr' WHERE user_login = 'admin';

While you’re at it, be sure to change user_nicename as well, since that also would contain the ‘admin’ value by default:

update wp_users SET user_nicename = 'webmgr' WHERE user_login = 'webmgr';

Finally, you’ll also want to change the display_name (published as “Nick Name”) to something other than “Administrator”. Like this:

update wp_users SET display_name = 'Web Manager' WHERE user_login = 'webmgr';

So there, you’ve done it. Renamed your application super administrator so that it appears to be a mere manager.

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