Learning js

That’s javascript, or ECMAScript (pronounced “ek-mah-script”, per Doug Crockford), not java server pages. Resource list follows.

My first Christmas week off from work in a couple of decades, I’ve decided to take some time and really master javascript in preparation for an upcoming project. The real goal is to ultimately get a handle on node.js to do some useful stuff with it.

My (growing) learning resource list:


Eloquent JavaScript

Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript page.

Crockford, JavaScript: The Good Parts (book)

Crockford videos in order

Learn JavaScript (Mozilla Developer Network) resource page

JavaScript Tutorial (w3schools.com)


Felix’s Node.js Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to Node.js with Ryan Dahl


A couple of interesting videos of a more philosophical bent:

JavaScript: Your New Overlord

Angelina Fabbro: JavaScript Masterclass

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