tigervnc-server trouble with gnome 3

Having this problem on Fedora 19: after leaving a vnc session (set up with tigervnc server and opened with tigervnc’s vncviewer) open for awhile the Gnome 3 automatic lock screen kicks in and refuses to accept a valid password to unlock.

There are more than a few reports on this lodged in RedHat Bugzilla since Fedora 18, but still no resolution (See 912892 as the most on-point). The maintainers of tigervnc tried a patch to their product, but it seems pretty clear that this is actually a Gnome 3 issue and should be addressed by that project.

So far only two workarounds have “worked” for me:

1. Killing and restarting the vnc session as the user from a separate ssh console connection to the target box, and then re-connecting with vncviewer from the remote host.

2. Using loginctl as root on the target box to unlock the session. In theory this require the execution of these commands:

[root@mine ~]# loginctl list-sessions
   SESSION        UID USER             SEAT
        c1         42 gdm              seat0
        c2       2017 service
        27       2000 me

3 sessions listed.
[root@mine ~]# loginctl unlock-session 27

Still looking for a better solution here: or at least a non-evasive answer on exactly what the problem is.

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