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Three more vacation days left and I’m here at home trying out different monitoring tools as a way to relax. Yeah, I’m hopeless.

Struggled with cacti and ntop for too many hours. My efforts with cacti paid off nicely, I’m now monitoring a number of Linux hosts in the house with it. Going to add the Percona templates and scripts for Apache and MySQL next. Not sure what the deal is with ntop, but so far no joy in trying to connect over http — either from localhost or remotely. Oh well.

Here’s a short list of some other interesting utilities I’m playing around with today:

iptraf-ng does local host network traffic monitoring in an ncurses interface, which isn’t as pretty via PuTTY as it is on a real terminal (for example an ssh console on Linux).

iftop uses a plain-vanilla monochrome display like top that shows network rather than process usage.

htop is a nice, colorful ncurses version of top, that’s actually easier on the yes than its progenitor.

monitorix is a standalone monitoring service that right out of the box graphs a larger set of system statistics than cacti, including Apache, MySQL and named. To my eye the graphs are artistically drawn and attractive to look at.

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