FastPath null pointer exception

FastPath is an Openfire chat queuing service for groups like the help desk who would like to interact with users in an organized way. Problem for me was that the FastPath plugin didn’t play nice with the latest Openfire and Java. Fix follows.

The FastPath plugin for Openfire has been known to throw some form of null pointer exception at least as far back as Openfire v3.6.4. Beyond that it raised its ugly head again in my Openfire 3.8.2 environment when I upgraded to Java 1.7 (to get a memory leak problem under control).

This forum post contained the fix that worked for me: upgrading xstream.jar to the latest version from the Xstream Project download page.

Effecting the fix involved:

1. Downloading and extracting the latest xstream binary (xstream-1.4.6.jar).

2. Renaming the file to xstream.jar and then copying over the existing file in $OPENFIRE_HOME/plugins/fastpath/lib.

3. Restarting the plugin from the admin console.

And yes, this did work in my Hazelcast cluster — but the FastPath admin console is only available on the primary node, it blows up on the secondary.

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