Recovering your dignity with perl

Due to human error (mine), a boatload of user images got removed from our company address book. Some scripting magic saved the day.

On the last day of the year a process that had never caused a problem ran and whacked the profile and thumbnail images of a large number of users in our company address book.

To recover from this we unarchived our backup from the day before and then compared what we found with the existing state of things. Anything that was in the backup but not found in the live image folders was restored.

Here’s the perl script that did the job.

use strict;
use List::Compare;

my $todayprofdir = "/var/www/html/directory/public/img/profiles";
my $backupprofdir = "/data/tmp/profs-20131230";
my $todaythumbdir = "/var/www/html/directory/public/img/thumbails";
my $backupthumbdir = "/data/tmp/thumbs-20131230";

opendir(DIR, "$todayprofdir") or die $!;
my @todayfiles = readdir DIR;
closedir DIR;

opendir(DIR, "$backupprofdir") or die $!;
my @backupfiles = readdir DIR;
closedir DIR;

my $lc = List::Compare->new(\@backupfiles, \@todayfiles);
my @backuponly = $lc->get_unique;
my $count =0;

foreach my $profname(@backuponly) {
   # print $profname, "\n";
   my ($id, $extension) = split('_', $profname);
   my $thumbname = $id . ".jpg";
   print $thumbname, "\n";

   `cp -f $backupprofdir/$profname $todayprofdir`;
   `cp -f $backupthumbdir/$thumbname $todaythumbdir`;
print "Total unique: ", $count, "\n";

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