evolution still doesn’t work

This morning I had a couple of moments free while I waited for my company VPN connection so I decided to see if Gnome Evolution on Fedora 19 was still broken. It is.

Not much more to say here. Apparently the minimalist tendencies of the Gnome project extend to giving minimal or worse functionailty through their standard apps for messaging. I think I’ve previously remarked on my sad experience with Empathy, the Gnome chat client that won’t connect to services that use self-signed SSL certificates (I wonder who paid for that “feature”?).

Although I never liked Evolution because of its poor performance and unfulfilled promises of interoperability with Microsoft Exchange (let’s be clear, I’m not an Exchange fan and I am all too aware of Microsoft’s own history of broken interfaces and undisciplined failure to adhere to standards), at least its IMAP client mostly worked back in the Gnome 2 days.

In the present case Evolution is failing to log into the secure IMAP service of my premium provider, Runbox. Basically the client keeps prompting for a password and then reports it is wrong. Of course I know my own password, the same password being successfully used to connect to secure.rubox.com over SSL by my Andoid phone, Mozilla Thunderbird on the same workstation and via Runbox’s browser interface.

Clearly what we have here is another instance of a Gnome application that can’t do secured communications correctly. It’s a shame really, because I really would like to be using Gnome’s integrated stack. But they just don’t seem interested in having the components of that stack actually work.

Question: why does Gnome use multiple configuration databases and when is the Gnome Project going to start publishing up-to-date documentation on “where the bodies are buried” when it comes to configuration settings for the base desktop and “integrated” apps?

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