Had occasion to run systemctl “list-unit-files – -type=service” and saw “vmtoolsd enabled”, and thought “wha?”.

The Open Virtual Machine Tools are an open source release of VMware Tools maintained by the VMware developers. Almost all recent Linux distributions include this software package and service. That includes the Live DVD for Fedora.

This is a nice gift to the free software community, and can make the lives of admins like me a bit easier because it means we don’t have to take the extra step of installing the proprietary VMware Tools when installing new guests (although I’ve read that the non-free version is supposed to have features not available in the free one).

But if your system isn’t going to be a guest on a VMware platform like ESX, Workstation or Player it’s just one more unnecessary service to use CPU cycles and memory.

systemctl stop vmtoolsd
systemctl disable vmtoolsd

Now I feel better.

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