Two more IDEs

As I wrote in the last post, I’ve recently been converted to the use of an IDE in my perl programming. While I was at it I decided to take a look at what I could use for coding in other languages.

Most of my programming is still in perl, but lately I’ve been learning javascript and have also decided to take another run at python. Although I’d rather it didn’t, some of my work on the WordPress admin side also requires php.

When I started looking into what to use for perl, I originally thought that a common platform like Eclipse would be best. It turned out that Eclipse, although incredibly flexible and cross-platform, was too intense for me to use casually.

After finding Padre for perl, I decided to take another look at the field, specifically at programming environments that were purpose built for a particular language like Padre was.

So far the result has been that I’m now working with Aptana Studio 3 for javascript and php, and Ninja-IDE for python (python 3, specifically). My intitial impression is that this is the better way to go than a common platform. We’ll see if I feel the same way after a few months of total immersion.

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