Windows for Linux Administrators

“Windows for Linux Administrators” would be a great book, if someone had the patience to sit down and write it — and Linux/Unix administrators the humility to read it. Two big “ifs” that I think are highly unlikely to come to pass.

There are a lot of pretty good resources out there for Windows administrators who want to learn Linux or Unix. My top recommendation containues to by Aeleen Frisch’s Essential System Administration. It’s over a decade old, but still the best induction into the art of Unix system administration ever written. While many of the tools covered have been superceded, the methodolgies taught are timeless.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything that bridges the gap for those going in the other direction, from Unix to Windows. That’s a shame on at least two levels: First, it leaves Windows admins without a useful comparison of their methods with those of Unix admins; and Second, it allows Unix admins to continue in their mistaken belief that they know already know everything they need to about running a Windows infrastructure — which is a very dangerous delusion. Mark Minasi’s books on the various versions of Windows Server are very good, but are really focused more on the how of getting things done than the why.

Note: Apart from Minasi’s books, I think Mark Russinovich’s latest two-volume Windows Internals set would be an important addition to any crossover administrator’s library (think of it as a kind of “Unix Power Tools” for Windows).

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