Gnome Shell Open Terminal

Finally! A Gnome Shell extension that gives me back the “right-click for terminal” behavior even when the desktop isn’t being controlled by Nautilus: Gnome Shell Open Terminal.

Right-clicking on the desktop for a terminal is probably my single most common move in Unix graphical environments. I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years now, since first running Red Hat Linux with TWM in 1995.

Since the advent of Gnome Shell on Red Hat products (including Fedora) this functionality doesn’t exist in the default install. To restore it on RH distros now requires installation of the nautilus-open-terminal package using gconf-editor to change the value of /apps/nautilus-open-terminal/desktop_opens_home_dir to true (by checking the box).

What Gnome Shell Open Terminal does is give you the same behavior without having to rely on Nautilus controlling the desktop. For many installations this shell extension will be all many will need or want.

Every distribution that ships Gnome Shell should consider including this extension as part of their default configuration.

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