Programmer’s editor styling

After over a decade of staring at lines and lines of black on white text I decided my eyes needed a break. Time to enable a light on dark theme for my text editing.

On Linux I mostly use gedit. On Windows, Notepad++. Recent versions of each offer at least one theme, that with a little tweaking can make long sessions at the editor a little bit more bearable.

Gedit on Linux

My desktop is the Gnome Shell, so I invoke gedit by clicking on the icon under Accessories. To change the theme used I have to right click on the task bar icon for the running program and select “Preferences”.

Preferences.. Font and Colors…

Editor Font: DejaVu Sans Mono Bold … 12

Color Scheme: Oblivion

Notepad++ on Windows

Settings… Style Configurator

Select theme: Obsidian

Global Font Style…

Font name: DejaVu Sans Mono
Check “Bold”
Font Size: 12

Check “Enable global font”, “Enable global font size”, “Enable global bold font style”.

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