User PATH issue in Fedora 20

In Fedora 20 the system doesn’t seem to be reading the user’s .bash_profile, resulting in a truncated PATH value (it’s missing ~/bin and ~.local/bin). Thanks to the CentOS 7 team for uncovering this bug in RHEL 7RC.

I guess we should be thankful to the RHEL 7 team for helping us keep our bash environment skills sharp.

The fix given in the CentOS 7 Blog is to append the following to each user’s .bashrc:

. . .
# Fix broken nautilus-open-terminal
if ! echo ${PATH} | /bin/grep -q $HOME/bin ; then
export PATH

Really looking forward to the general release of CentOS 7, which will be replacing Fedora 19 on my servers at home. Still not sure what will happen on the desktops (I am interested in seeing what Fedora Next comes up with). I have (objectively) fond memories of running CentOS on my home workstations and servers before deep-diving into Scientific Linux for awhile. Although the Fedora development cycle is too aggressive for server deployments, I’m still glad I went through the exercise of using Fedora 17 and 19 to get familiar with all the new features (like systemd) that RHEL 7 and downstream CentOS will soon be introducing.

Still, it will be nice to get back to something a bit more stable on the back end.

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