Decibel audio player and other simplicities

My Linux desktop at home has lots of applications installed on it because, well, I like gadgets. In my private life. Work is a different matter.

This post was inspired by my forgetting what the title app was called. Now I have somewhere to look when I forget again.

At work I really don’t need, or want, photo gallery managers and Internet radio players. Because my company uses a newer version of MS Exchange, I also won’t be reading my corporate e-mail on Linux (Evolution hasn’t been any good at interoperating with Exchange since at best, 2003).

So right away I have to rip out shotwell, rhythmbox and evolution.

For a simple audio app to replace rhythmbox I like the decibel audio player.

As an alternative to shotwell, I’ve found that the venerable gthumb viewer does a fine job.

Corporate mail? Well, that’s why I keep Windows on my company laptop.

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