Fedora 19 gitweb in action

Setting up gitweb on Fedora 19+ to publish git repositories using the Apache web server, once I reverse engineered how the rpm set things up. The Git book, sadly, couldn;t address the specifics of Red Hat’s distinctive implementation.

The Fedora version of the gitweb rpm deploys these files:


The engine that drives everything in that package is gitweb.cgi, a perl script that serves the same purpose that hgweb.cgi does for Mercurial repositories. The script itself comes with preconfigured defaults, but these are overridden by global entries in the /etc/gitweb.conf config file.

To publish my repos all I had to do was edit /etc/gitweb.conf. By default the global variable $project_root is commented out. The gitweb.cgi script itself maps this variable to /var/lib/git. Since the shared “bare” copies of my git repositories were being stored at /data/share/git all I had to do was edit gitweb.conf, uncomment $project_root and then change the path, thusly:

our $project_root = "/data/share/git";

Once these changes were made I simply restarted Apache and pointed my browser at http://localhost/git.

There are alternatives to gitweb, like GitList, for which there is this very good Fedora-centric installation tutorial.


How to: Install and Configure GitWeb

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