The most awesome git intro ever

Jessica Kerr, Git Happens. Embed and a few words below.

“Finally I have the context needed to understand all those git tutorials on the Internet!”

— Eldapo

This is a really thorough, high level view of how git works AND how you should work with git. It provides the big picture that’s missing from the documentation and every tutorial I’ve read before. Should be required viewing for everyone who uses or supports git.

Jessica’s slides can be found here.

Here’s a page with additional supporting material and a link to an earlier version of the talk that uses a whiteboard instead of a slide deck.

Most important tip I got from this video? “Pull is bad. Pull does a fetch and an automatic merge. To get other people’s changes, use git fetch!”

Second most important? If you get a merge conflict do not take a break! Either resolve the conflict or do a “git merge abort” to roll it back until you can.

Jessica also recommends using one of the many available graphical tools to keep checking what the commit tree looks like. The longer I use git, the more I find myself agreeing with her. If you’re on a Mac, gitx is supposed to be good. I personally use gitg on Linux and git-extensions on Windows.

There are so many others like these. Too many to mention here. Watch the video. Then watch it again. You’ll be happy you did.

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