Carey Holzman pwns HP

Working computer tech Carey Holzman has a great video up where he literally “takes apart” a budget consumer PC from HP and demonstrates how buyers “get what they paid for”. This is a cautionary tale whose lesson applies beyond just one manufacturer.

This may be the most devastating unboxing ever done. Mr. Holzman deserves some kind of consumer protection award for it. Maybe the President should invite him to the White House for a beer. I’m serious about that.

How ironic that HP, once a leader in industrial and computer technology praised for its innovative designs and quality manufacturing, should have been the maker of the staggeringly substandard product put on display here. You have to wonder why HP’s current CEO thought that she was qualified to be Governor of California given how much further the company has sunk under her leadership.


In part 2, Carey takes up the challenge to build a better computer for less.

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