Chromium on Fedora 20

Just installed the latest stable Chromium package for Fedora 20 from the russianfedora-tested repo found at Fedora COPR.

I had actually been running Chromium 34 from the same repo for Fedora 19 but wanted to see if an issue I was having on Chromium 36 for Windows was a regression. In fact it was. While Chromium 34 on Linux worked perfectly, Chromium 35 failed spectacularly.

[The problem had to do with the browser’s requesting and obtaining access to the system webcam and mic. Versions of Chromium and Firefox on both Linux and Windows prior to v35 worked just fine, later versions failed miserably. So much for the WebRTC revolution!]

On a related note, here is an updated link to Woolyss’s Chromium for Windows Downloads (that now include nightly 64-bit builds).

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