pfSense needs an editor

At least the documentation division does. Just got my new PC Engines pfSense firewall up and running for the first time tonight. Had a bear of a time getting the wireless AP to work, but not for lack of reading you-know-what manual. TFMFS. I’ll let the reader decide what that stands for.

I’m not sure if its the result of some irrational prejudice against combination firewall/router + wireless AP devices (some forum posts make me think it could be), or just a project in need of a good documentation editor, but no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find a coherent set of instructions on how to get a wireless AP integrated into a pfSense setup.

In the end it was fairly simple, mostly because of changes from the 1.x to 2.x versions. For example, setting up a bridge no longer appears to require the double flip and baton toss described in some forum posts.

The missing ingredient was adding a couple of “pass any” rules on the WLAN interface so that people coming in through wireless could go… anywhere. Without that rule you’re basically run aground on the rocks. Too bad no one mentions it.

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