Syadmin Casts

Sysadmin Casts is a tech tutorial resource I stumbled on recently.

Justin Weissig has been doing the sysadmin thing for over 11 years. It’s clear from the videos he’s posted on the site that he’s got a knack for taking complex operations and breaking them down into manageable steps (notice I didn’t say “making it simple”, because in this business of system administration there’s no such thing as simple — even on Windows Server — assuming you want it done right), his speaking voice is also clear and lively and the visuals are professional quality.

The Episode Guide breaks available content down into categories like “Basics”, “Cloud Infrastructure”, “Automation Software”, “Tips and Tricks”.

There’s an introductory article, Bits Sysadmins Should Know, which contains some orientation for novice syadmins.

Here are a couple of examples:

Crash Course on Common Commands

Why you should use a Wiki

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Learning Puppet with Vagrant

Anatomy of a SQL Injection Attack leading to Code Execution

CLI Monday: column and tr

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