Firefox says Hello

Firefox Hello is a new feature in the just-released Firefox 34 that enables peer-to-peer voice and video using a WebRTC client built into the browser.

You’re supposed to access the Hello panel by clicking on a smiley-face icon that can be added to the Menu by selecting Customize and then dragging the icon from the Additional Tools palette to the Menu.

But my experience was that the icon was missing from the Additional Tools palette after I updated to Firefox 34. Following this post on Reddit, I went into about:config and set “loop.throttled” to “false” (this setting carried over from the Firefox Betas with the Hello feature and is the subject of an apparently intentional “bug” caused by Mozilla’s effort to reduce the load on its servers). After doing that I was able to see the Hello smiley-face icon in the Additional Tools palette and drag it over to the Menu.

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