Linux to FreeBSD rumblings

Apparently there are a whole bunch of folks looking around for an alternative to Linux for their desktop operating system. Predictably, they’re now focusing on FreeBSD.

Kris and Allan spent a couple of minutes on this week’s BSD Now broadcast talking about Linux people considering switching to FreeBSD. Is is Time to Give BSD a Try? is a blog post by Katherine Noyes that picks up on a recent thread over on Slashdot prompted by what Katherine referred to as “the Systemd Inferno“. While there are a lot of over-the-top comments made in the course of that thread, it’s pretty clear that there are a lot of long time users looking for an alternative to the route that’s been mapped out for Linux at this point.

Although I’ve complained about the various components that have been added to Linux over the last few years (PulseAudio, NetworkManager, Systemd), I’ve also made a concerted effort to make the most of what has been delivered. As a long time RHEL/CentOS user who converted to Fedora on my own desktops awhile ago, I’ve often found myself on the front lines when many new innovations were still rough around the edges.

As I’ve discussed before, running FreeBSD on my home and work desktops provided me with invaluable experience when I was first starting out as a UNIX system administrator. Whether I’ll move to it on one or more of my desktops is still undecided, but wouldn’t involve the kind of culture shock that others new to BSD might experience.

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