jpwsafe to the rescue

One of the apps that didn’t survive my recent upgrade to Fedora 21 Password Safe (the original pwsafe). Fortunately there’s a fork written in java called Java PasswordSafe (jpwsafe) that’s a terrific cross-platform substitute.

NOTE: The latest Beta of the GTK3 version of Password Safe for Linux now installs on Fedora 21.

Password Safe is the approved password management app here at Casa Lembo. I also use it at work. Originally released for Windows, versions for Linux have been in Beta since 2010. The 0.91BETA-2 version of Password Safe for Linux worked fine under Fedora 20, but under 21 it segfaults. This has been a known issue for awhile. Just in case, I tried 0.94BETA-3 with the same disappointing results.

As noted above the jpwsafe fork of pwsafe works on Fedora 21. I successfully ran it with OpenJDK 1.8 installed on my Fedora workstation after unarchiving the x86_64 bundle for Linux to /opt/jpwsafe and running to start.

To get it back on my Application menu, I created a jpwsafe.desktop file under /usr/share/applications like this (after symlinking to /usr/share/bin/pwsafe):

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Password Safe
Comment=Store and retrieve passwords securely

Although the package could use a little polish (it lacks icons for folders and items, and has some “window framing” issues), it appears to be completely functional and compatible with data files created using the Windows version. That’s a big plus for those of us who want to keep ahead of the pack but also carry on with our day to day work without too much inconvenience.

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