Fedora 21 HTPC Refresh

This is a follow-up to my A Fedora 20 HTPC Reboot, except it’s about… a Fedora 21 HTPC.

The basics are pretty much the same as on Fedora 20, except for a change in the name of the Postinstaller HAL package needed for watching Amazon Instant Video. For Fedora 21 it’s:


The Fedora 20 package will actually work, but to avoid having something (or someone) remove it by mistake it’s probably a good idea to use the fc21 version.

The recent addition of HTML5/EME support by Netflix makes confguring for that service a lot cleaner. Basically you need to follow the directions in this post and install Google Chrome (not Chromium) with the User Agent Switcher extension. With the correct agent configuration you’ll be able to view Netflix video without any further ado.

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