twenty-three minutes of truth on twenty-one

The Linux Luddites have done their first impressions review of Fedora 21 which includes a heavy dose of truth.

I’m pretty much on board with all their pros and cons (the more I hear these guys talk, the more respect I have for them). They all seemed to agree that the lengths to which the Gnome developers go to obscure or hide functionality is unhelpful. Non-working gui tools (e.g. software updates) were also singled out for much deserved criticism. I’ve written at length about my own disappointment with the “form over substance” approach that appears to be a common thread in Gnome in general and its Fedora implementation in particular (the same could be said about other initiatives like NetworkManager and PulseAudio, but that’s outside the scope of the Luddites’ review).

About my only difference with the Luddites is their conclusion: having given it a good once-over, they won’t be switching to Fedora 21 any time soon. I, on the other hand, will stick with it for awhile longer — at least until Kris Moore closes the functionality gap between the Linux and FreeBSD desktops a bit more.

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