Network Tools by yougetsignal

Ever need to do some diagnostics on your own external network but didn’t have access to a host on the Internet? Yeah, me too. Well, think of Network Tools by yougetsignal as a set of utilities on an Internet server just waiting for you to aim and fire.

Kirk Ouimet set up yougetsignal back in 2007 when he was studying IS in college. He eventually earned an M.A. from there and appears to now have his own tech company out in San Francisco.

The tools Kirk provides on his site use forms based input and in some cases provide nice graphical results. Most of all, they work. Here’s a short list:

Port Forwarding Tester
What Is My IP Address
Network Location Tool
Visual Trace Route Tool
Phone Number Geolocator
Reverse E-mail Lookup Tool
Reverse IP Domain Check
WHOIS Lookup Tool
Cloud Performance Tools

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