State of VoIP in Linux

Linux Unplugged’s Matt Hartley covers voice and video clients for Linux in State of VoIP in Linux.

Matt’s bottom line in the article is that it’s basically down to Skype or WebRTC. That’s pretty much what I’ve concluded as well. For the most part Skype just works, although I think everyone understands we’re always just one system update or incremental Skype release away from it not working any more — forever.

Of the WebRTC implementations out there, I also agree with Matt that Telefonica’s OpenTokRTC Demo is about the best, although if you want to graduate from the demo to their business class service you’ll be paying a $50 per month minimum charge to play. The free Talky service, also featured in the article, is probably more suitable for casual personal use.

Besides basic voice and video chat, I’m interested in developing screen or desktop sharing solutions using WebRTC. How to Implement Screen Sharing in WebRTC provides a nice guide on how to do that.

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