ArXiv Open Access to Scientific Research

Cornell University’s ArXiv provides open access to e-prints of research papers in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics. For scientists and serious students of science it is an invaluable treasure trove of some of the most interesting research being done today.

My latest read from ArXiv was Limits and Signatures of Relativistic Spaceflight (2015) by Ulvi Yurtserver and Steven Wilkerson of Raytheon, which was referenced in Ding Dong, ALIENS Calling: We already saw your infrared ‘signature’ suckers! by Richard Chirgwin over on The Register. Apparently any invading interstellar fleet won’t have the element of surprise on their side (assuming they can plow through the space between stars without being vaporized). As always, science can be so uplifting!

So what can you do with ArXiv? I guess you’ll only be limited by your imagination. For example, want to catch up with the latest research about the nearest star system to our own, Alpha Centauri? Then take a gander at this ArXiv search. Or maybe you interest lie with Computer Operating Systems? Biological Cell Behavior?

Whatever your interest, take a few moments to expand your horizons by browsing through ArXiv’s catalog. It couldn’t hurt. Then you can go back to parsing Java message logs.

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