WP multisite weirdness

I’m sure this is the fault of browser caching, but after experimenting with WordPress multisite in subdomain mode I wiped everything and reinstalled in subfolder (a/k/a subdirectory) mode, whereupon WP refused to let me log in.

Yes, I went through all the usual steps:

Deleted my wordpress install folder (let’s call it /var/www/html/wp1).

Dropped the database and user from mysql (wp1 and wp1, for simplicity).

Used a fresh latest.tar.gz to recreate the directory wp1.

Created a new wp1 database and user, granting all privileges to wp1 on wp1.* (with a weak password for wp1 — hey, this is a test!).

Permissioned so apache was the owner of the whole wp1 folder structure.

Restarted Apache (it’s good to be root).

Went up to the url and did the standard install, created the admin user (“manager”) with an atrociously weak password (I said, “this is test!”).

Went to Tools… Network and change the type of install from subdomain to subdirectory.

Copied and pasted the prescribed text into wp-config.php and .htaccess (replacing what was previously in .htaccess completely).

And it wouldn’t let me log in again.

Tried tudec1’s trick* to outfox WordPress, and it worked!

Sometimes I really hate WordPres. Firefox. Chrome. Everything to do with web administration…

*The trick was to go into wp-config.php and change

define('SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL', false);

to ‘true’, log in (it let me that time), and then log out again, and then finally re-editing wp-config to set the item back to ‘false’. Voila!

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