Fedora 22 avidemux-gtk broken

Needed to snip some videos so I installed avidemux-gtk. “Glade – cannot load glade file”. Yeah. Another Gnome app broken. Off to Bugzilla where I found a workaround.

In general I always liked the look of GTK apps better than their QT counterparts. Purely personal preference. But I’ve paid for it over the years. In my experience there’s an nth greater chance of an app compiled for GTK being buggy than the same app compiled for QT. Over the years this has become almost a law of physics. Like Special Relativity.

In the case of avidemux blowing up on me a quick Googling took me to Bug 1244340, filed in July of this year. The problem was confirmed by another user and then… silence.

Then at the beginning of September Red Hat’s Stephen Gordon chimed in with a link to a potential upstream fix (for the benefit of the assigned developer) and the good news that the QT version of the app (avidemux-qt) does work. This was confirmed in the bug report by another user, so I removed the GTK version and installed the QT version. Voila!

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