Here’s the latest addition to our networking infrastructure here at Casa Lembo: Mikrotik’s RB2011-1UiAS-2HnD-IN router/firewall/wireless access point.


What’s really nice about this device is that in replacing the separate router and AP I had been running it about halves the power consumption of the network shelf.

At 600 MHz, the MIPS CPU from Atheros is running slightly slower than the RB750G router I had, but its 128MB RAM is twice what the RB750G.

The new unit also has a SFP cage for accepting a fiber transceiver, which might come in handy if someone wires up the neighborhood with Gbit broadband.

One of the serious reasons for getting the RB2011 was to free up the RB951Ui-2HnD that was serving as our standalone AP for use in the lab (both the RB2011 and RB951Ui have 2.4GHz wireless and sport the same CPU and RAM allotment — the main difference between them being that the 2011 has a 5 port Gbit switch in addition to the 100 Mbit switch in the 951). The plan is to create a small internal network where I can experiment with, among other things, VLANs.

Hopefully this will give me the chance to build up my knowledge and experience in network administration, something I really haven’t had the opportunity to do in my day job.

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