WordCamp Raleigh 2015

WordCamp Raleigh 2015 was this weekend, and I was there along with the entire family. It was a good time to learn some new things, see how others did stuff and, most important of all, be inspired.

WordCamps are gatherings where (mostly) local WordPress practitioners of all types get the benefit of watching presentations on WordPress topics and interacting with their peers. Sessions are divided in to interest or experience tracks for developers, businesses, beginners and advanced.

WordCamp 2015 in Raleigh was held in the Engineering college buildings at North Carolina State University (NCSU). When we first showed up one of the volunteers greeted us and got us set up with our lanyards and free t-shirts. Once checked in we went over to the main lounge area for coffee (provided by Avalara) and snacks.

I spent Saturday bouncing between the Beginners, Power Users and Developers tracks. On Sunday I did a Power User and Developer session.

The barbecue and fried chicken lunch from The Pit was terrific, as was the vegetarian spread provided by Irregardless Café of Raleigh.

All of the presentations were excellent, even those I didn’t see. One of the nice things about a relatively small turnout is that you get to listen in on a lot of really fabulous discussions that spontaneously develop around the

The Twitter Feed has lots of nice comments about the presentations, along with links to slides and other resources.

My favorite talk was Continuous Deployement: Code, Configuration and Content by Lisa Linn Allen of SAS Institute. Lisa did a complete blog post on the topic that gives an extraordinary amount of detail on how to do WordPress on a corporate intranet right. Given that my team at work is now involved in doing the same kind of work, I was able to get a lot of helpful information from that session.

As these talks become available on WordPress TV I’m going to make a point of re-watching those I saw in person, and finally getting to see those I missed.

WordCamp was definitely worth participating in. Anyone who works in and around WordPress owes it to themselves (and their customers!) to go over to WordCamp Central and find one locally to attend.

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