What to do about Evernote?

I use Evernote’s web interface as my portable note-taking service. It has worked just fine for me, but is kind of overkill. What I really needed was a robust private wiki in the cloud. Oh.

Once I started thinking about the problem, I realized I was already signed up for something that could do the trick: Bitbucket’s wiki feature.

Bitbucket allows you to set up a very simple, markdown markup, wiki with each of your repositories. The really nice thing about the wiki is that it’s implemented as its own repository-within-a-repostory, so it can be cloned, added, committed and pushed to and from as desired using any git client. Since I’d already begun using Atom as my primary markdown editor, I could also plug the url to my Bitbucket wiki into Atom for direct creation and editing of content.

Although my collection of notes in Evernote is still small, I’m also going to have to figure out some way to export what’s there into either markdown or some other text-based format so it can then be imported into the wiki (the import part will be easy, I’ll probably just use git at the command line).

So that’s the mission right now: find a way to export my Evernote content into text for later import into Bitbucket.

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