Visual Studio Code on Fedora 22

So yeah. I’m giving Microsoft’s free and open source Visual Studio Code for Linux a try. And you know what? It’s actually pretty good. In fact, it might, might be better than Github’s Atom.

The zip distribution for Visual Studio Code currently weighs in at 62 MB. Installing is as easy as unzipping and moving the folder someplace sensible. In my case the VSCode-linux64 folder got moves to /opt/VSCode.

No .desktop file for use with the Gnome desktop environment comes with the distribution. A softlink from /opt/VSCode/Code (“Code” is the executable) to /usr/local/bin/vscode can get you going, of course. But having a nice menu item with an icon is better.

The icon was the easy part. There’s a vscode.png icon under resources/app/resources/linux that’s perfect for the job, which I copied to the root of the /opt/VSCode folder to make it easier to find.

My VSCode.desktop file for placement in the usual place (on Fedora that’s /usr/share/applications) looks like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Visual Studio Code
GenericName=Code Editor
Comment=Create and edit your source code

Code’s interface is very intuitive. Unlike others (I’m looking at you, Gnome Project developers), Microsoft seems to understand the value of a fully functional menu bar at the top of the application window, so it’s easy to find the options you’re looking for. Performance is very snappy compared to Atom, both in starting up and navigating through large code files. What it will do when it’s pointed at a humongous xml data file is anyone’s guess at this point (Atom usually just crashes).

I’m going to do a full immersion test of Code over the next few weeks, both on Linux and Windows, and then either update this post or do a new “Living with Code” post in future.

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