Upgrading to Fedora 23

Pretty smooth upgrade from Fedora 22 to 23. A couple of things didn’t work, but for the most part everything went just fine.

The procedure is straightforward:

dnf upgrade
dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
dnf system-upgrade dowload --releasever=23
dnf system-upgrade reboot

After the reboot th.e system loads the Fedora 22 kernel one more time and then begins to replace the old packages with the new. All four of the systems I did today only took about an hour from start to finish.

No cruft at all left over on the servers. My Chromebook was also pretty clean. The main workstation had quite a few orphaned packages.

Two things didn’t work at all: Password Safe and duply.

The problem with the former was solved by installing the latest COPR repo for the software. It bumped me up to version 0.97BETA and didn’t fail in blaze of memory pointer errors. With this latest version of the rpm the upstream developer has made good on his promise to me to rename the package from “pwsafe”, which conflicts with an already existing app in the main repo, to the more descriptive “passwordsafe”.

The problem with duply required a bit of cheating. After testing, I determined the issue was with the latest build of its main dependency, duplicity. Fedora 23 ships with version 0.7.06, Fedora 22 and CentOS 7 are still on 0.6.24. Duply is at the same version for all three. So I removed the Fedora 23 packages and downloaded and installed the Fedora 22 version of duplicity and duply (since duply depends on duplicity it seemed like a good idea to pair them together). I also added exceptions for both in dnf.conf and yum.conf.

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