VMware Workstation fail with Fedora 23

After upgrading a Fedora 23 guest on VMware Workstation 12 to the latest kernel I found the video was completely messed up. Life is short, so “hello VirtualBox”.

I’m not sure what the issue is with VMware’s video display and Fedora 23’s kernel 4.3.x. There aren’t any references to an issue that I can find with a quick Googling. Kernels as old as 4.2.x work fine, but I noticed that starting with an update to 4.3.5 the display goes all smeary on me and is unusable.

After testing I was able to determine that the problem doesn’t exist for the same guest images running on Oracle’s VirtualBox 5 (with the latest extensions pack installed).

So I’m switching to VirtualBox, at least for my Windows workstations. On Linux I’m going to continue using KVM since that will allow me to use the same images across workstations and servers. In fact I’ve found KVM to be mostly superior to VirtualBox when it comes to device compatibility and overall stability. I also really like KVM’s virsh command line tool as implemented by Red Hat.

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