VPN thru a phone hotspot

Testing various scenarios today. Set up a wifi hotspot on the LTE enabled Moto E and connected to it with the Fedora Chromebook. Then tried connecting the laptop to the house PPTP server. Oh well.

The Moto E was connected to the Internet over LTE, of course, and I was seeing a solid 6 Mb/s down and 1 Mb/s up using a browser on the Chromebook. That was encouraging, because ultimately I’d like to test using the Moto E as an Internet gateway for the whole house by connecting it to the Mikrotik router with a USB cable (the Mikrotik has a USB port for the purpose).  In a situation where our wired broadband is down I could temporarily switch us over to the LTE radio.

Trying the VPN was a “bridge too far”. There are lots of technical reasons it shouldn’t have worked, some of them intentional on the part of my carrier I’m sure. I get my data through an MVNO, but the upstream carrier has very strict rules in place to restrict tethering. Although I am able to connect to the LT2P/IPSec server over LTE directly from the phone (L2TP/IPSec has been available on Android since the 2.x days, I’m only using PPTP on the laptop because a longstanding bug in Fedora prevents it from working as a L2TP/IPSec client), I think routing from the laptop through the phone was probably flagged either by the carrier or the phone’s own firewall.

Of course life often gets in the way of fun science, and today is one of those days where even finding the time document the little I just accomplished is a struggle.

Something about moving some boxes up to the attic.

The only consolation I have is that the person harrassing me right now is currently taking a community college Database Concepts class and is going to be introduced to PL/SQL queries next week. Ah. Revenge.


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