File sharing

File sharing for computers is awful.

Even today, decades after it was first introduced, Windows file sharing (which at some point Microsoft decided to give the grandios name, “Common Internet File System”, or CIFS) is slow and buggy. Sure, it’s a big improvement over the original LAN Manager system, but that’s not really saying much, is it? To be fair, Sun’s Network File System (NFS) hasn’t been much better. NFS v4 made improvements to security, but still goes to hell when transferring large numbers of files in bulk, or even small numbers of files over 1 GB in size.

My personal workflows don’t involve using either CIFS or NFS. For the most part sftp can do everything I need. I’ve even taken to disabling Microsoft’s networking client on all the Windows machines in the house and removing gvfs-smb on the Linux boxes. All things being equal I just don’t need yet another client dragging down my system performance by banging away at the network every 30 seconds.

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