Looking for eldapo?

If you’ve come here from an old link to eldapo.lembobrothers.com and can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t despair!

The pages here were imported from the original eldapo site that ran on WordPress.org software. As a result all you have to do is substitute “onemoretech.wordpress.com” for the old eldapo host name (“eldapo.lembobrothers.com”) and you’ll get to the page you’re seeking.

For example:


is now:


Note: During the migration process WordPress perpetrated some pretty awful re-interpretation of the original HTML in many of the articles. Of course it failed to capture any of the images.

Some additional words of wisdom:

The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow in flight is 10 m/s (meters per second), and not 113 m/s “until it disintegrates”. The answer is the same for either the African or European variety.

The grammar and spelling checkers in most software, including all of Microsoft’s offerings, are often wrong and really not safe to rely on. Take that from someone who used to make his living writing (appellate briefs, for example) and is probably one of the few IT guys with advanced degrees in both law (J.D.) and history (M.A.).